Gary Saitowitz comes from one the megacities of the world – Johannesburg! The city is one of the wealthiest of South Africa, one of the biggest representations of globalization in the country. Where most of the major banks and corporations that operate there have their head office.

About Gary Saitowitz

It was in that milieu that Gary did his undergraduate studies in what was then the Technikon Witwatersrand. And since 2005 known as the University of Johannesburg. There he decided to study Electrical Engineering. Both because of his interests in the matter but also following in the steps of his father. Who had founded an electrical contracting business.

Gary Saitowitz studies allowed him then to find a great balance between making your own path and continuing with his family traditions. After graduation, he joined his father and worked with him for many years.

After that, it became clear to Gary that his best option was to further look out for opportunities. Abroad, and so he decided to move to the United States. This has been by far Gary’s most interesting experience. As being an immigrant is one of the most challenging situations there is. It is also very rewarding. As few things are more enriching than the interaction of different cultures.

Throughout his life, apart from working as an Electrical Engineer. Gary has also spent some time in the Retirement Planning area, recognizing the importance of arriving financially ready to life’s golden years! This is a manifestation of one of Gary’s passions – helping people understand how money works.

Financial Decisions

From choosing which college to attend, to deciding where to move and whether or not to get a mortgage. Life is full of financial decisions that have a direct impact on our personal finances and thus our future. Gary has dedicated many years of his life to educating people on how to best take those decisions by understanding money. Which is at the center of all of them. With that understanding, anyone can go through life being aware of the benefits and disadvantages of the financial decisions they face and be prepared to handle the consequences and to seize opportunities.

Apart from educating people on how money works, Gary also develops real estate projects and owns a business that sells CBD health products. The real estate market and being successful in it is all about identifying opportunities and seizing them. In which Gary’s comprehensive background and life experiences have proven most valuable. The CBD health products are in itself a materialized opportunity, as the healing powers of a natural substance have been harnessed and finally commercialized for mankind to benefit.

Apart from all his business activities, Gary enjoys the outdoors and all forms of sports. When he was younger, he used to play rugby, a very popular sport in his native South Africa, and also enjoyed water skiing. In more recent times, Gary’s hobbies have shifted to playing golf and he has since discovered a new passion for flying aircraft. He currently holds a commercial pilot and instrument rating license, which he makes sure to put to good use every time he can!