Gary Saitowitz Points at Things to Consider If You Are Switching Careers during COVID-19 Pandemic

Gary Saitowitz Points at Things to Consider If You Are Switching Careers during COVID-19 Pandemic

Unemployment in the United States careers seems to have already crossed 15 percent and increasing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has gone up from 3.5 percent in Feb 2020 even though there has been a stimulus package of $2 trillion implemented by the US government. We know that unemployment had peaked at almost 10 percent during the 2008 economic recession and at 25 percent during the 1930s Great Depression. It is pretty evident that the job scenario this year would be extremely challenging unlike any in your lifetimes. Gary Saitowitzfeels that in the event you have lost your current job or had to accept a pay cut, or you are heading to an uncertain future; remember this is your great opportunity to consider switching careers and starting afresh.

Gary Saitowitz Urges You to Consider Revisiting Your Assumptions

You need to find suitable answers to some important questions. If your existing job was being offered to you at present would you reject the offer or accept it? Has your opinion about the future undergone a change? What are your new objectives and goals for the next ten years and how do you intend to reach there? Perhaps you are looking for a change in career. However, first of all, you need to ensure that other aspects of your current life are going well and stable. If your relationships, health, or even property necessitates urgent attention, give that top priority before focusing your attention on a brand new career journey.

Focus on Creating Multiple Paths Says Gary Saitowitz

Instead of relying on just one specific 10-year plan, focus on creating different roads to your future. You must take into account parallel worlds, one where taking a career risk is successful, another one where taking a career risk fails. Think in terms of an entrepreneurship option. Think of a universe where pandemics seem to be recurring constantly or a world where there is no employment but you could work on the contract. Planning does not always imply or guarantee that all plans would reach fruition. However, when you start planning, you start thinking clearly, identifying your unique skills, and preparing for uncertainties and making better choices.

Your Frame of Mind Is the Key Says Gary Saitowitz

Remember your approach and attitude towards life matters the most if you are thinking in terms of a career change. Despite COVID-19’s negativity all around, you have to stay positive without losing dedication and the hunger for success. You need all the patience for playing the long game. Seize the opportunity and start tackling the new challenges cropping up in your life due to the coronavirus outbreak whether it is an uncertain future or loss of a job. You need to be extremely flexible while you are assessing and evaluating the various options. Always seek ground-breaking and innovative solutions. Be a perfect team player. Most importantly, you need to be extremely strong emotionally. Develop a sense of gratitude for whatever you have and be prepared to help everyone in need.

Gary Saitowitz Be Happy to Embrace the New Reality

No need to struggle hard for retaining the status quo. It is high time you realized and acknowledge the new reality. Be aware of new career options. COVID-19 has made way for careers in customer support, online sales, digital marketing, online education, writing, design, coding, and teaching, etc. Embrace new avenues opened by COVID-19.


The coronavirus pandemic has made it super easy for you to go for a change in career. Now you have the right excuse to justify your career change both professionally and socially. Your future employer could surely understand your decision to switch careers once you explain your layoff due to lockdown. You must focus on things that are within your control and stop worrying unnecessarily.